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What you should know

Which System-Requirements must be met? Where can I buy Playwatch? Where do I get help, if something is not working? What do others say about Playwatch?

Here you get the answers!


Playwatch runs on almost any, newer Mac. At least you need:

  1. Apple Macintosh Computer with Intel Processor.

  2. Mac OS X Version 10.6.6 or higher

Playwatch runs in 64 Bit mode on any Mac supporting it. Minimum requirement for 64 Bit, is a Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and Mac OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard).

Download & Purchase

Since January 12th 2011, Playwatch is exclusively available on the Mac App-Store. Click the ‟Buy now‟ button, the Playwatch-Buoy or use this link to get to get to the Mac App-Store. If you are not satisfied with Playwatch,  you may return Playwatch within 90 Days, getting a full refund.


With every release of Playwatch, there’s a document called “Release-Notes”. It contains a list of all the new features, fixed bugs, known limitations and possible known bugs.


Buy nowhttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playwatch/id402409055?mt=12&ls=1


In case you nee help, found a bug or have an idea of how to enhance Playwatch. Feel free to visit our Support-Pages. You can browse through the bug database or fill a Ticket for a  bug or enhancement. Just click the First-Aid sign, shown to the right.

(Note: Support Pages are available in english only.)

Playwatch     What‘s new     Ticker     Remote-Control     Cover     Preferences     Misc

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Update for share-it customers (compatible with Lion)

Starting with Version 1.5.5, Playwatch is exclusively available on the Mac App-Store. If you purchased Playwatch from our partner share-it, you can upgrade to version 1.7.1 by following this link. Playwatch 1.5.8 has no additional features over version 1.7.1 they only contain the adaptions necessary for the Mac App-Store. Version 2.0 is going to be a paid update. Former share-it customers will be able to purchase it through the Mac App-Store for a reduced price.