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Everything under Control

Because of the new Hot-Keys and with the Remote-Control Buttons in the Menubar, you got iTunes under control, any time.

Just activate

As soon as you
activate the Remote-Control in the Preferences, it'll be displayed in the menubar, next to the Ticker. With it, you’re able to Play/Pause iTunes or switch to the next or previous track. Just by clicking the mouse. After activation, you can specify the position left or right to the Ticker. Whichever you prefer.


With Hot-Keys, you get full control over important iTunes an Playwatch functions, right at your fingertips.

Each function can be assigned a key or key combination just as you like. Open the “Playwatch Preferences” and choose “Hot Keys” from the toolbar. If you want, for Example, the iTunes function play/pause to be controlled by a Hot-Key, just click into the corresponding Hot-Key-Field and press the desired key(s) on your keyboard. In the Example, shown to the right, press and hold “Control+Option” and press “2” on the numeric keypad.

To change a Hot-Key assignment, just click into the Hot-Key-Field again. Use the “X” within the Hot-Key-Field, to erase a Hot-Key assignment..

iTunes where are you?

When the HUD, which is used for displaying Cover-Art is open, you can activate iTunes to make it the frontmost application, just by clicking onto the iTunes-Button, shown to the right. You don’t have to search within the Dock or on different “Spaces” to find it.
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Starting iTunes, made easy

No need to search the Dock or the Programs- Folder. Just use the Playwatch menu entry “Launch iTunes...” to start iTunes.